Showcasing Paulette Carr Fine Arts

For this Chapter of my Life 

I shall use Bright Colors

About Me

My Background


I am an artist!  I spent years being an office worker and raising children.  Life has always been good.  Then tragedy happened that reminded me that life is short and we should follow our dreams in the time we have.  It is our gift from God to share with the world.  Sharing mine, because I should and I can.  Yes, it was  Joe vs the Volcano and Walter Mitty moments for a while, but I am alive and in this part of my life, I think I shall paint life in bright colors.  I am an artist.

My Medium


I am primarily a painter.  I love acrylics because of their forgiving nature, but dabble in watercolors, pastels and oils.  I am bit Art ADD.  I see a new technique or modality that I want to try and off I go.  I love to dye silk, pour paint, knitting, weaving,  and even interior design.  

My Inspiration


My inspiration to paint is light.  I have been known to stop everything to capture and observe the lighting effects in nature.  With this inspiration, it is a natural inclination toward the impressionist movement, specifically, the works of Claude Monet.  I visited his homestead in Giverny and realized that my love of gardening and light are perfect fits for this genre.   .

My Blog